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July 2, 2018

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Grow Yourself (virtual) Book Club

August 22, 2017



Included in my list of things I’m passionate about is both being part of a group and growing.  I’ve been getting together with some friends for the past couple of years to ‘work’ books together.  Sometimes we read separately and discuss together.  Sometimes we actually read together, stopping to discuss along the way. This enables us to really grasp the concepts, and also to apply them to our own lives on the spot.  To be able to talk about a concept or idea that is confusing, and hearing other perspectives,  is invaluable.  


I'm starting the Grow Yourself Book Club as a passion project.  I’m not charging for this but I’ll be open to a contribution at the end  if you feel you’ve gotten something out of it.  


This is how it will work….


I’ll pick a book every couple of months.  Each week I will send out an outline with the chapter/chapters to read, along with a couple of questions to think about before the virtual get-together.  At the agreed upon time we will gather online (I’m currently investigating smoothest group meeting applications)  for an hour and talk about that week’s reading.  


Our first book is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I know a lot of people who read it “awhile ago” or have been meaning to read it.  For people interested in learning more about what it means to come into the present, this book is a true gem.  (The present, believe it or not, is all we ever have!)  


I’d love you to join me.  Email me with your questions!  Let’s keep growing.  Megan


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