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I’m fascinated by the nature of the therapeutic relationship, what fosters it’s creation, and how healing and growth are made possible by it.  This is where we start.  All growth takes place in relationship.


“We cannot find our enlightened minds while continuing to be estranged from our neurotic ones.” Mark Epstein


First, we find your neurotic mind.  From a fearless place of accepting the reality of your past and the reality of what you are creating (or recreating), we can begin to ask... is your belief system working for you or against you?  Is the story that you tell yourself over and over hindering you from moving forward?  I listen carefully to understand how you are letting old rules guide you, and we work to create new ways of being in today.  This takes courage. 


I integrate psychoanalytic theory, feminist theory, postmodern and Buddhist perspectives into my work.  The acceptance of reality and the compassion that it takes to find this acceptance, is key to my work. I have worked extensively with the Queer population and am privileged to work with people of all sexual preferences and gender identities.


Existentially, if we come alone, and we leave alone, we need to answer to ourselves above all. Creating a kind relationship with the self and learning that we can trust ourselves to our own care, is a guiding principle.  

If you have a fairly clear idea of what your goal is, and need help in getting there, then coaching sessions, which can be done from anywhere, may be appropriate. I'm happy to have a conversation with you to determine if this is the best fit for you.    




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