April 29, 2018

Are you lonely? It’s not news that technology has made our lives both more efficient, and also more disconnected.  While we face our various screens we often think we are connecting. Think we are connecting. But does this so called connection make us closer to that person?  We are typing words that are meant to simulate connecting kinds of thoughts, but our mirror neurons aren’t engaged, we aren’t using all of our senses to determine what our friend’s vibe is.  “Oh yeah, we are super close, we text all the time.”

May 8, 2017

I heard Jack Halberstam speak on a panel some time ago.  He said that coming out (paraphrasing here) meant that he had to kill off his parents.  I got this.  Coming out means telling the truth and being real.  Others may be attached to their fantasy of you and be uncomfortable with truth. For most people that have gone through the coming out process, it can be painful.  No one says this is easy, internally or externally.

But truth is gold.  

A professor at NYU said that she does one thing every day to let someone know that she is a lesbian.  She feels that it’s her duty to the queer community to inform.  See?  Lesbians are successful and smart....

April 30, 2017

A Buddhist Perspective

In the Buddhist tradition, difficult situations can be a good thing.  (I know.)  It can wake you up and give you the opportunity to do the soul expanding personal growth that no one does until they have to.  Every chance we find ourselves in the fire is a chance to learn that we are warriors.  A chance to know that we have what it takes to accept life on life’s terms.  That we have what it takes to comfort ourselves.  That we have what it takes to keep growing.  If your purpose in life is to grow, to expand, then every face-plant into the carpet moment after a break up really is your ticket to ride.  (I know.)

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