I began ballet lessons at the age of four and at seventeen I moved to NYC to begin my professional career.  I was blessed to work with choreographers such as Eliot Feld, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Twyla Tharp, among others.  In this early part of life I was given opportunities to experience the creativity of relationship, whether working with a choreographer, or dancing with a partner.  


Relationship and family brought me to California for many meaningful years, and it was a relationship that brought me back to NYC in 2011.  The past decade has been full of transitions.  I came out.  I went back to school for my Bachelor's degree,  and then got my Master's in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU.  In between I squeezed in a coaching certificate from NYU and a certificate in positive psychology from The Wholebeing Institute.  I began the study of Tibetan meditation and I continue to find ways to further a deeper understanding of myself, which I believe leads to a deeper understanding of everyone.  


 Practicing psychotherapy is not unlike a dancing partnership.  Both require delicate attention and the ability to keep returning to the freshness of the moment.  They both ask that we stay grounded, and at the same time, give up our ground altogether.  


How I Work

I feel strongly about the therapeutic alliance and all that can be made possible within a safe space.  I seek to understand where you come from and help you to develop a compassionate connection to yourself.  This provides the canvas to heal wounds and live authentically. 

I have a special interest in Buddhist philosophy, meditation and mindfulness, spirituality, 12-Step Recovery and Positive Psychology. 

Expansive Therapy

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